Linux systems focused, remote-first, software development/operations engineer with over ten years of experience during the emergence of third generation programming language based Configuration Management / Infrastructure as Code software such as Chef, through to the proliferation of development operations engineering in late 2008, followed by exciting new languages such as Go and the movement towards site reliability engineering teams; containerised software-as-a-service platforms and distributed systems infrastructure serving hundreds of thousands of individual requests concurrently.

Director of New Zealand based systems engineering remote contracting/consultancy firm Junglist Heavy Industries Ltd.

Early contributor and employee of Chef Inc. (previously Opscode) Chef systems automation software and the Chef community cookbooks initiative.

Founding member of Portland-based Heavy Water Operations consulting and software development firm who went on to become Sensu Inc., producing the observability and monitoring software Sensu.


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    Senior Site Reliability Engineer

     —    10 months

    • Capacity planning and improvements for 'back to school' busy period
    • Significant security hardening of monolithic Rails application, continuous validation
    • Maintain and improve automated Incident Response Slack bot and processes
    • Establish brightwheel API Service Level Objectives (SLOs), improving feedback loop from user behavior
    • Evaluation of distributed tracing technologies: NR Dist Trace, Scout, Honeycomb and LightStep, implementation of OpenTracing/Telemetry
    • Evaluation of Service Mesh and Canary Release techniques and technologies: linkerd and flagger
    • Improvements to application and infrastructure continuous integration and Docker image delivery pipelines; automated security scanning
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    Principal Site Reliability Engineer

     —    2 years

    Remote Operations Engineer contract was requisitioned for various systems engineering duties and on-call emergency response, starting with developing infrastructure automation for the existing systems and deployment tooling in various stages of maintenance.

    The DoubleDutch systems have web-facing front-end CMS and API monolithic C#.NET components, large physical PostgreSQL databases, full text indexing, and queuing systems, as well as roughly one hundred other features/components running in containers, with white-labeled mobile applications for both Android and iOS.

    With baseline automation repaired or re-established, my team was allocated to an experimental platform restructuring project which was being built by a remote team in Amsterdam with Java and Docker (compose).

    While that project was ultimately canceled, we produced the systems automation for the virtualized infrastructure in Rackspace's OpenStack public cloud with Chef and Docker, and at the same time ported the Docker image builds to Google Cloud Build, and wrote Helm charts for every component to run in Kubernetes at availability and responsiveness levels measurably exceeding any previous capability, with significantly reduced human intervention. Much of this would be later re-usable.

    Later, a new Platform team was formed, absorbing the previous Engineering Operations, Integrations, and Data teams. Our function was to migrate the legacy infrastructure components while building any new components in our newly designed Google Cloud Platform / Google Kubernetes Engine infrastructure and tooling.

    • Design, deployment and maintenance of all existing physical and virtual Infrastructure with Chef.
    • Design of, and iterative migration towards Google Kubernetes/Compute based infrastructure in Iowa, Belgium and Frankfurt.
    • Designed and implemented redundant dedicated interconnect hybrid connectivity solution between Rackspace RackConnectGlobal Equinix and Google Compute Platform.
    • Designed and implemented redundant VPN/IPSec hybrid connectivity solution between Rackspace regional ServiceNets and Google Compute Platform.
    • Migrated in-house Identity authentication and authorization system and associated database clusters and workloads to Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes.
    • Development of Helm charts repository for container (Docker) workloads.
    • Extensive usage of Google Cloud Build for all container workloads including continuous integration of pull requests from GitHub Enterprise with assets stored in the Google Container Registry for continuous vulnerability and exploit scanning.
    • Database administration of PostgreSQL clusters with pooling, replication management and backup/continuous archiving.
    • Maintenance/support of legacy software systems and application deployment tooling.
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    Site Reliability Engineer

     —    2 years

    Platform Infrastructure 'Platfrastructure' contractor providing reliability engineering services for over 200,000 individual Git version-controlled websites, primarily Wordpress and Drupal, custom Python/Cassandra based configuration/customer management system, powered at the infrastructure level by our custom edge router Styx (comprising Varnish and Go), mutual TLS capabilities, and Chef-based systemd cgroup/namespace isolation of NGINX, PHP and MySQL all running on the Rackspace OpenStack public cloud virtual CentOS hosts.

    • Development through to completion, and deployment of, proprietary Go / Varnish HTTP edge router: 'Styx'.
    • Worked with team to improve Infrastructure as Code concepts: migration from Chef cookbook monolith to individual Chef cookbook continuous delivery pipelines with Berkshelf and Baryon
    • Maintenance, design and development of on-call/alerting/monitoring systems - Sensu, Graphite+Grafana, ELK et al. Brief exploration of InfluxDB.
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    Operations Engineer

     —    a year

    • Design/maintenance of Chef systems automation for MoPub software and services
    • Expansion into Chef/Opscode Omnibus technology for Application service delivery; relevant cookbook re-design
    • Training other Operations Eng. on advanced Chef software automation practices, Chef upgrades, LWRPs/HWRP/Libraries.
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     —    2 years

    After occasional moonlighting with Darrin Eden's Vancouver-based consulting firm Heavy Water Software and his relocation to Oregon, we decided to join forces and expand the team considerably, bringing development operations and software development consulting services to numerous clients, while unifying our service and product offerings and methodologies.

    • Client engagements of all shapes and sizes, skill sets and experience, geographic distribution
    • High velocity front-line consulting in development/operations/engineering roles
    • Open source project maintenance -- Heavy Water Chef cookbooks
    • Experimental product development -- Container systems, Heavy Water "Fission" and "Pennyworth" continuous build systems.
    • Internal marketing efforts -- site, product, services


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    Race Director

     —    2 years

    Race Director for Rotorua Drone Racers Winter Series monthly events.

    • Built Delta5 RF-based timing system using LiveTimeFPV
    • Build and maintenance of drone racing obstacles: gates, flags, etc.
    • Ran multiple events over the winter season while competing at the same time.
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     —    2 years

    Part of the Betaflight Member group. Involved in both embedded software development on STM32 micro-controllers, ARM SDK build system tooling, and of course a lot of flight testing and support, it's the perfect combination of hobbies.

    • Market leader in hobbyist grade flight controls software (firmware).
    • 83,000+ Monthly unique users of Configuration software.
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    Chapter Manager (East Coast and Lakes)

     —    2 years

    Coordination and support of First Person View drone racing events across New Zealand.

    • East Coast and Lakes chapter reached 'Tier 2' MultiGP sponsorship status which requires running a certain number of events with continuous minimum participation.
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    Software Engineer

     —    12 years

    Independent contributor / maintainer of numerous original Chef cookbooks and extension library code.

    • Second contributor to the Chef code-base having met with founder Adam Jacob working together on the Puppet project.
    • Numerous open-source community cookbooks and adoption


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    Infrastructure Automation master

    • Chef
    • InSpec
    • Habitat
    • Public Key Infrastructure (easypki)
    • Let's Encrypt (certmanager)
    • google-cloud-sdk (gcloud)
    • bash
    • zsh
    • PowerShell
    • Consul
    • Terraform
    • AWS CloudFormation
    • NGINX
    • Envoy
    • Ambassador
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    Release and Deploy Automation master

    • Kubernetes
    • Helm
    • Istio
    • linkerd
    • flagger
    • Google Cloud Builds
    • Docker
    • buildkit
    • Jenkins
    • Travis CI
    • Circle CI
    • TeamCity
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    Systems/Software Development advanced

    • Go
    • Ruby
    • C/C++
    • Erlang
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    Project Management advanced

    • Remote
    • DevOps
    • CA(L)MS
    • Pair Programming
    • Kanban
    • Scrum
    • JIRA
    • Sprintly
    • Trello
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    Database, full-text search and queuing systems advanced

    • PostgreSQL
    • repmgr
    • Barman
    • ElasticSearch (elastic)
    • RabbitMQ
    • Kafka
    • MySQL/MariaDB (Percona)
    • MongoDB
    • Redis
    • Google Cloud SQL (PostgreSQL/MySQL)
    • Google Cloud Memory Store
    • Google Cloud Pub/Sub
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    Observability intermediate

    • Prometheus
    • Grafana
    • Stackdriver Trace/Metrics/Logging
    • Zipkin
    • Sensu
    • Kibana
    • Logstash
    • Honeycomb
    • Jaeger
    • LightStep
    • OpenTracing/OpenTelemetry
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    Web Development and Technologies intermediate

    • JavaScript (node.js)
    • ECMAScript
    • CoffeeScript
    • TypeScript
    • Rails


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    0.5.4, 0.6.0 MVPOpscode, Inc.

    Awarded on: 

    Release MVP for outstanding contributions to the Chef project.


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    Quadcopter Racing

    • First-person view (radio control)
    • Hyperlite Floss 3.0
    • Tinyhawk
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    3D Printing

    • Original Prusa i3 MK3
    • Creality Ender-3
    • WANHAO Duplicator i3+
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    • Action RPG
    • MMORPG
    • Real-time strategy
    • Turn-based strategy
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    • Toyota 86 (2012)
    • Drift
    • Gymkhana
    • Circuit


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    English (New Zealand)native